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Bulgarian mafia: The protected by the authorities gang of Plamen Rusev murdered a man in the Burgas city center

Bulgarian mafia plamen rusev burgas prosecutor

Bulgarian mafia: An young man had to die and after that the Burgas police to lift a finger against the gang of Rusev and Rochata – investigation by Iustitia.bg

Bulgarian mafia is on power in Bulgaria. The infamous mafiot and gang boss Plamen Rusev murdered a man! Who are Rochata’s gang and Plamen Rusev? If you are asking, then you are not from Burgas. These are legendarily haughty rather small-scale but notorious borcholia of the area, known for acting more Lucky Luciano than anything else, secretly possibly engaged in the same business as the notorious mobster. Rusev and Rochata so strongly personify the aspiration of every “proto mutra” from Burgas that they have become local legends, which you can read about in the sadly humorous stories “how to know that you are from Burgas” or “The truth about Burgas” etc. . A trick of the gang is to wait for someone when they are alone and have 10 people attack them together, stabbing them 10-15 times in the buttocks, legs, and often above the waist. They were lucky for now because no one had died. Several victims of the gang were miraculously saved in the Burgas hospital.

We present to you the article of the investigative site Iusticia.bg – Plamen Rusev from the gang of Rochata with the knives is the killer from the new post office

Iustitia.bg is the only media that will show you the truth about the past of the murderer Plamen Rusev, because in Burgas, apparently, everyone is dependent on him or he fulfills their orders, that both the media and the police with the prosecutor’s office forget their job descriptions , when they hear his name or the names of the people in his gang.

Bulgarian mafia plamen rusev, the killer from the new post office in burgas
Plamen rusev, the killer from the new post office in burgas

This gang of Plamen Rusev has been infamous since 2009 as a part of the Bulgarian mafia. not only with the fact that there are victims behind him – at least 30-40 citizens of Burgas, stabbed with knives and cut with machetes, but also with the fact that there is a special prosecutor’s protection.

After the murder of the New Post of a young boy, stabbed seven times with knives with a blade – more than 30 cm long, Plamen Rusev – the torturer and sponsor of Rochata’s gang was detained. But how long after I was introduced to the close relations between the gang and the Burgas law enforcement and justice system. It is no secret to anyone in Burgas that a close relative of Rochata in the Burgas prosecutor’s office patronizes the gang’s atrocities. And if this time he intervenes in his defense or blocks the investigation against the murderer Plamen Rusev, we at Iustitia.bg will publish his name, and we will show all the cases in which he covered the bloodthirsty gang.

Now the question remains when the Burgas police and prosecutor’s office will finally step into their role and detain the other members of the organized criminal group that deals with drugs, racketeering, beatings, and arson.

Bulgarian mafia working with such as this gang which is the most dangerous in Burgas and the region, and all those detained until now and presented by the cational media (such as Flagman.bg for example) as “horrors” are little gangs besides that of Rochata and Rusev. 

The leaders of the gang are probably: Plamen Rusev – known as Rusev (pictured),

Plamen rusev, the murderer from the new post office in burgas, is being led in handcuffs to the court for the attack of his gang in the bikini bar in sozopol in 2017.

Plamen Rusev – the killer from the Novata postha in Burgas tries to hit a security guard during the attack of his gang in the Bikini bar in Sozopol in 2017.

Dimitar Stoyanov Haralampiev nicknamed Rochata (pictured).
Bulgarian mafia dimitar rochata with atanas maystorov (nakata tatoo) with machetes in hand
Dimitar rochata with atanas maystorov (nakata tatoo) with machetes in hand
Members include the famous tattoo artist Atanas Maistorov – Nakata Tatoo (pictured), Gelo, Krasyo ​​- nicknamed “Blood and Honor” and others.
Bulgarian mafia atanas maystorov - nakata tatoo, who has been a member of the band since the beginning
Atanas maystorov – nakata tatoo, who has been a member of the band since the beginning

They were left free to threaten all the witnesses in the case of their leader Rusev, so that the murder could go unpunished.

Let’s recall what happened:

A 32-year-old man will undergo emergency surgery at the Burgas Medical Center after being attacked by three persons in the Novata Postha area, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced on November 27, 2022. The victim was taken to the hospital with seven deep stab wounds, some of them in the chest area.

The incident took place around 11:30 a.m. in front of a bank branch on Stefan Stambolov Blvd. and was recorded on cameras that are not accessible to the public. Other times the police export such footage, but not now. After all, it is about their protégé. The police told BTA that the victim had a criminal record, and the knife with which the attack was carried out was seized from the scene. This was reported to the police then

without saying that the attacker is the famous face in Burgas with his performances typical of the 90s – Plamen Rusev – boss of the Rochat knife gang, which has been harassing Burgas for years. 

Video footage from nearby cameras captured the murder committed by Rusev.

A day ago, 32-year-old Ivan Angelov , who on November 27th was stabbed at night in the center of Burgas by the “rehabilitated”, according to the information of the cops who allowed Plamen Rusev to run amok with impunity, died in the hospital.

For 10 days, doctors fought for the life of Angelov, who fell into a coma after the horrific butchery attack. Ivan Angelov’s knife blows caused extremely serious damage to his lung, the aorta of the lung and the liver.

Plamen Rusev is a thoughtless and well-known mutt in Burgas for over 10 years – boss of Rochata’s knife gang,

and according to the cational media, which should be correcting the corrupt judicial authorities, he was the owner and manager of the construction company “Noble House” OOD . Over the past 15 years, there have been numerous investigations against him on various charges. A large proportion of these are stabbings carried out at odds of 10 to 1 or 20 to 1 in favor of the gang. The prosecutor in the case, Hristo Kolev, tried to justify the murderer, saying that he was “rehabilitated by law”. Investigators’ documents show that some of the investigations were dropped because the accused dropped their charges after threats and new attacks from other gang members. At the moment, Plamen Rusev is accused of assault with a knife, and the Burgas District Court imposed a measure of remand on him “detention in custody”.

The boy who died is an ordinary boy. His neighbors know him as kind and considerate. He helped everyone.

He was killed by Plamen Rusev’s knife, the blade of which is 28 centimeters , and extremely serious injuries were inflicted on the victim.

His lung, aorta, liver were affected and he is alive only and only because of the efforts of the medical personnel and the way he got to the hospital. He lost 4 liters of blood.

The prosecution, in the person of prosecutor Hristo Kolev (pictured), is trying to crush the case and to safe the Bulgarian mafia again.

Prosecutor hristo kolev plamen rusev rochata burgas murder stabbed
Prosecutor hristo kolev

because against Plamen Rusev there is a ridiculous accusation of attempted murder under Article 115 in connection with Article 18 of the Criminal Code , for which a penalty of 10 years of imprisonment is provided, and not an accusation of murder with hooligan motives or committed in a particularly cruel manner ( 7 times the victim was stabbed), according to Article 116 of the Criminal Code, as is done whenever there is such a murder, and according to which the sentences are from 15-20 years in prison or life imprisonment without the right to parole.

To a journalist’s question about what the murderer was convicted of, prosecutor Kolev replied that it had nothing to do with the present case?

Is it irrelevant, Mr. Prosecutor, that the murderer Rusev was convicted of a group mutineer attack on the security guards in a bar in Sozopol? 

In addition, there is no doubt that Plamen Rusev has shown disrespect to society with his butchery in the heart of Burgas – to the Novata postha, in front of many witnesses, and for this the qualification for hooligan motives is indisputable.

With one sum, he was brought under the most privileged member of the NC for a murder that happened in the moment of affect. And was Rusev and his comrades in an affect when they left more than 30-40 citizens of Burgas with knife marks on themselves? 

From the very beginning, we see that the “businessman” – head of Rochata’s gang and a well-known face in Burgas –

Plamen Rusev has probably paid his dues, as he has until now, for this the media and the state law enforcement bodies in the form of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor’s office are sparing of this scumbag, which is not sparing at all with its brutal attacks and arson on ordinary taxpayers of Burgas. 

For this, follow Iustitia.bg, which will inform you objectively about this murder and whether there will be retribution, as well as we will announce all the actions of the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this case. This insanity must once and for all stop in Burgas, and the surest way for that to happen is if this gang gets a fair punishment.

At the moment, we are sure that the witnesses are being processed by the released bandits – friends of Rusev, and an almost “inevitable defense” is staged.

A bit of band history:

In 2017 Plamen Rusev and his gang of mutts invaded armed and in front of dozens of visitors beat up four of the employees , also attacked the manager Hristo Bardukov – secretary of the Commission for Youth and Sports in the Municipality. 


Dimitar Haralampiev-Rochata , who is Plamen Rusev’s loyal companion and together they lead the gang, was convicted of assaulting a police officer in 2016, for which he was sentenced to probation .

This summer, Plamen Rusev, Gelo – Zalbata and Nakata Tatuista attacked a boy with knives in a cafe in the city of Azure. Then the police swept the case!

The Bulgarian mafia which is working In Burgas, it is a public secret that Plamen Rusev is the guarantor of the knife attacks on competitors in the construction business against Nayden Naydenov in the Juboks discotheque.

Then the ex-wrestler Nayden of Meden Rudnik, who had crews for finishing works on constructions, was literally slaughtered.

Then again, the police and the Burgas prosecutor’s office swept the case! For what time?

Shortly after, Rochata attacked a family with two babies inside in a Burgas eatery in broad daylight. Then Rochata broke into a restaurant in Slaveykov and without explanation attacked a young family with fists and a knife while they were having lunch with their small babies. 

They simply do not stop, and the Burgas prosecutor’s office does not stop patronizing them and closing their cases for the crimes committed by the gang.  This is the way the Bulgarian mafia is alive from many years.

His attack was captured on security cameras , and the owners filed a complaint, but as always, there was no result. The second regional police department in Burgas covered the case , for this publication the recorded footage of the security cameras is publicly available, and you draw your own conclusions. If you do something like that, will you get away with it? No, of course you will be tried and convicted of hooliganism, hooliganism, etc., but the gang is locally patronized and still dry.


Рочата от бандата на убиеца от новата поща в Бургас напада с нож семейство с бебе в заведение

Можете да гледате във видеото!

We will keep the Attorney General and you, our readers, in the loop for the truth and developments in this case. We hope this case of the Bulgarian mafia will be closed soon with many years in prison for the murderer and for the gang members.

In 2014 they were looking for Rocha for a massacre with a machete in the Burgas disco , but he got away with it again, because, as we said above, they have a person in the Burgas prosecutor’s office at a high level, who has been crushing all the cases against them for over 12 years.

At that time, the wanted dangerous criminal for the brutal massacre in the Burgas discotheque “Planeta Payner Club” was called Dimitar Stoyanov Haralampiev, nicknamed Rochata, he was also called Hampito.

Rochata was still wanted for a long time by the police, but when he was arrested, he was released again, and all the others who absconded were put under permanent arrest.

Then there were appeals from the media for anyone who has information about this person to report it to tel. 112 or to the First Police Station, his anonymity is guaranteed and that even then there was another investigation against Rochata for stabbing a person – he is aggressive.

On Saturday evening then, during the night, Rochata was with the people of another no less famous bandit, who became famous that summer with the machete with which he cut the Pleven businessman Kukata in Sunny Beach. The scandal between the drunken men and another company escalates and someone hits Rocha in the head. He collapses on the cement floor and remains in sightnote for about 5 minutes until his avers take him down. Then he hires himself and pulls out a huge dagger, going through the customers shouting “I’m going to slaughter you!”. The client Georgi Georgiev, 40, was injured in the melee.

All the guards rushed to arrest Rocha, and he stuck the knife in two places in one of the guards – in the shoulder and in the neck, near the carotid artery.

The wounded man was sent to hospital, and Rochata and the company managed to get away with impunity. The name of the injured guard is Radostin B., 30 years old, from Radnevo, who was narrowly saved by the doctors from Burgas.

On December 21, 2013, another young man was surprisingly attacked by Rochata in front of the entrance to the block where he lives. A barrage of punches and kicks followed, he was knocked to the ground and even then the punitive action continued.
” I saw in my peripheral vision how a fist aimed at my head. I felt blows on my body and face. Suddenly I fell to the ground, where the kicks continued” , the victim said.

We will be following the case and publishing many more investigative articles on the Rochata-Plamen Rusev gang and if he gets away with it, then we will publish all the cops, prosecutors and judges who made this possible.

Follow our TOPIC !

Iustitia.bg, unlike other media, showed you the truth about the past of the murderer Rusev and everything about the Bulgarian mafia
Let’s see if the “colleagues” will make amends or continue the collaboration line with crime in Burgas!

Follow us, we will cover this case in detail and we will not hide anything from you!

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